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The definition of commercial photography does not exist because it changes day by day thanks to creativity channels and current trends in fashion, beauty, fitness, food, hospitality etc.


Every day thousands of photos are placed on the web, in brochures, magazines and on any communication platform for which an immense flow is generated. Simply put it, we could say that commercial photography refers to those kind of shots aimed at promoting goods or services with craft & refined techniques which highlight the qualities and the value proposition.

At Movinstills we love to push the boundaries of visual immediacy into attractive and desirable packages. What does make a great collaboration? How can we achieve the best outcome? How can we facilitate ideas exchange? Are we simply fulfilling the brand goals on a tight budget or are we providing new ways of seeing? Those questions are at the forefront of our ethical workflows. The work carried out to date has taken us in a variety of premises, from hospitality to social events and corporate offices, to studio shoots with clients representatives so that any job can be approached in the most efficient and correct format and delivery.

Whichever is the scope of your photoshoot, it is important to establish a good plan of action right from the start. We invite our future clients in need of photographic representation to supply us with as much information as possible Write down your brief with as much colour in your mood board as possible. Colours connect us intrinsically given space to an instant feeling. If you have a pre existing and solid idea at heart we want to know it. Send your own themed pics and don't forget to get in touch via our business contact details

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